Urban List

Marching To The Beta Of Its Own Drum

Enough of the difficult second album. How about the difficult second letter? Upstairs to the hubbub of Castlereagh Street’s popular Greek restaurant, Alpha, lies not a spin-off, not a mere bar/waiting room, but a proper sip-and-sup venture of its own. Beta is a sleek spin on the Greek mezze bar concept, combining a punchy cocktail list, and a share plate menu by downstairs’ chef Peter Conistis.

And boy, is it slick. It’s evident that serious dollar bills have been rained upon the interior design. There’s grand archways and exposed brickwork, Vogue-Living-standard reclining chairs, and overhead, a cluster of globe-shaped lights that hang like planets, frozen in orbit. It’s the sort of place made by beautiful people, for beautiful people. I congratulate myself for actually wearing nice pants for the occasion.